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The digital marketing industry is constantly evolving. Having as much knowledge as possible is only going to help you grow your business within your industry.

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Digital Marketing Consultancy Package

Stride Alley Media offer additional tracking and analysis consultancy to help you monitor everything about your website’s online visibility. With Stride Alley Media we will provide a monthly site audit, ongoing position tracking across social media and search engines. These are just some of the digital marketing consultancy services that help you to build your online presence. As your website gathers data over time, our understanding of your audience and what they are looking for will improve.

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Site Audit

Domains come in all shapes and sizes, so finding the biggest needs for a website will be a different story for everybody. But no matter what type of site you have, it’s important to keep organised and maintain good health, especially for SEO.

Position Tracking

You may already be writing content & building links, chances are you’ll have to measure the impact of your work in the form of your website’s rankings. This is especially true if your website operates in a local space, since Google’s results can change heavily depending on the geolocation.

Backlink Audit

An in-depth and ongoing look at your domain’s backlinks and helps in securing your SEO link building efforts from Google penalties. Backlinks are an important part of optimising your SEO. But while good backlinks can have a positive impact on your SEO, poor backlinks can have the opposite effect.

On-Site SEO Checker

A structured list of things you could do to improve the ranks of pages on your website. You’ll receive on-page SEO ideas, semantically related words to include on your pages, target content length and readability, and backlink prospects.

Content Analysis

Running a content audit on your website is a great first step to take because you can find pages on your site that are old and potentially outdated or pages with a very low count of social shares – your top priorities to improve.

Brand Monitoring

You will be able to instantly see any negative press that you’re receiving which can allow you to immediately reach out and attempt to find out why that mention is unhappy with your brand.

Link Building

With link building being one of the most significant aspects of SEO, you’ll want to capitalise on any possible opportunity to gain new quality backlinks. We will feed you with opportunities as well as track any links that you do gain.

PPC Keyword Magic

Some of the most common mistakes PPC marketers make include bidding on keywords that are too competitive, failing to add negative keywords to a campaign, or being too broad with targeting. Fear not Stride Alley Media is here to help.

Ad Builder

Our Interactive Ad Builder tools integrate with the Googles PPC Keyword Tool so we not only write ads for the keyword groups and campaigns you planned with the PPC Keyword Tool. But we can also see directly how your competitors are doing on similar ads.

Organic Traffic Insights

Organic Traffic Insights helps you better understand what is happening on your website and improve your SEO strategies based on traffic statistics. Trying to plan out an optimized SEO campaign can be incredibly difficult if you aren’t aware of your keyword portfolio.

Social Media Tracking

You probably know that social media is an important tool for businesses to grow and bring people to their website. But, maybe you’re having trouble figuring out exactly HOW to best engage and grow your audience.

Your Dedicated Digital Marketing Consultants

At Stride Alley Media we provide digital marketing with the support of leading industry insight tools. We have a clear understanding of what a business needs to succeed. Your dedicated Digital Marketing Consultant will work with you to build and manage local and national campaigns across multiple platforms. Our skills result in the delivery of exact audience-led advertising solutions for you. We ensure your brand and business thrive by supporting you to learn the best ways to engage with your target audience. With our affordable packages and insight tools, we can convert insights into higher performing and better targeted marketing campaigns.

Online marketing

Keeping up to date with all of the changes that occur within the digital marketing industry can be just as important as the actual marketing campaigns.